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Not all gym programs were created equally. Get a pre made program designed by an expert in the fitness industry for over 8 years.

Pick up a gym program specifically created for the modern person to achieve their goals through fitness. My philosophy is - the best life you can live begins with building the body, which then you then can go on to conquer your dreams!

The best day to start was yesterday, the next best day is today.

The Mission

Will's goal is too educate, motivate and help clients achieve their health and fitness goals while keeping everything simple, fun and as enjoyable as possible.

"I believe that if one improves their health and fitness they can go further in life whether to attract, hit goals or be able to keep up with the kids for as long as possible!" - Will from WillPower.


Muscle & Strength V1

Muscle & Strength V1 is the best place to start as an intermediate to advanced athlete looking to put on some muscle while increasing your strength throughout the 10 weeks. This program focuses on an upper, Lower, full body split - Ideal for someone looking to put on muscle and increase strength, also a great alternative to a Push, Pull, Legs program split.

Please note this is a 10 week program with week 10 being a testing week for strength.

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Muscle & Strength V2

Muscle & Strength V2 is the second in a three part program for increasing strength while simultaneously putting on muscle mass. This is a great place for an intermediate to advanced lifter to take their workouts to the next level. This program focuses on the best variation of Push, Pull, Legs which has been scientifically created to ensure all muscle groups are trained equally and are well rested before each muscle group is trained.

It is recommended you complete my Muscle & Strength V1 first, however this program has been structed in a way that it can be run as a stand alone program. Also, if you prefer a Push, Pull, Legs split this program may be a better option for you.

Please note this is a 10 week program with week 10 being a testing week for strength.

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Accessories Program

The all new Accessories program improves your lagging muscle groups such as Lower Back, Rotator Cuffs, Glutes, Traps and more. This is that one program to help prevent injury in the gym and to help increase your strength level across the board, through the increase in strength of smaller connecting muscle groups.

This program is six weeks in length and is able to be continually cycled after the first completion before the release of Accessories Program V2 to ensure your body is performing the way it should.

Want to keep your body safe and prevent injury in the gym? Then this is the program for you.

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About Will Chisholm

Will discovered weightlifting in 2016 as a way to stay fit and connect with new people after moving to NZ from the UK in 2015.

He quickly became enamored with the process and incredible results that fitness can provide. However, he soon realized that without a clear direction and proper plan, achieving one's fitness goals can be a challenge.

This realization ignited Will's passion for guiding individuals at all stages of their fitness journey, from beginners to advanced athletes, towards achieving their goals with purpose and direction.

Hence WillPower was created!